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Mythrax HEROIC - Killed 25/11/2018 - I hate that beam in phase 2, really do hate it! Everyone did a great job on the kill to get this complete with minimal death. Well done everyone. Just 1 left!
see kill achive

Welcome to the web site of the Highland Warriors.
The Highland Warriors are (almost) 13 year old alliance guild on the Thunderhorn(EU) server whose aim is to enjoy the wonderful world of WOW in a fun and friendly guild. We are a level cap casual raiding guild. Our main guild focus is around the people, not the epics and our recruitment policy reflects this. If you are an epic seeking glory boy, Google is here, good luck. If you want to play with friends, have fun in a relaxed adult environment, enjoying wipes and kills, feel free to make an application here.
While we are casual we do still expect our members to work on their stuff and turn up when they say they will, although theres no attendance requirements.




Battle of Dazar'alor Raid Rewards Overview - Transmog, Titles, Mounts - Sat, 19 Jan 2019 19:19:30 -0600
Battle of Dazar'alor is nearly upon us as both factions clash in the capital of the Zandalari Trolls. This post goes over all the rewards from Battle of Dazar'alor including Transmog, Titles and more!

For more information on Battle of Dazar'alor, check out our Raid Survival Guide.

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WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-Up: Profession Updates & Accessibility, Gold Cap Challenge plus Parking Alts! - Sat, 19 Jan 2019 13:58:10 -0600
WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-Up
Welcome to the 71st edition of the WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-up! In this edition we're looking at Section One, Lazy Goldmaker's Gold Cap Challenge & Spreadsheet Update, plus parking your alts!

If you're new to this series or want to re-visit past posts, you can check out the previous articles right here on

My name is Gumdrops and I’m the lead moderator for the /r/woweconomy subreddit and the accompanying Discord server.

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Updates to Dungeons, Mythic+ and Titan Residuum in BFA Season 2 - Sat, 19 Jan 2019 11:10:05 -0600
Season 2 of Battle for Azeroth launches on January 22nd (23rd for EU) with major updates to dungeons, Mythic+ and Titan Residuum. This post goes over these changes, so you can be prepared for Tuesday!

Base Dungeons

Announced in Ion Hazzikostas' What's Changing in Season 2 Blog, there are some changes to the base dungeons.

Dungeon Scaling

Heroic and Mythic Dungeons will be buffed by health and damage by ~30%. The difficulty of Normal dungeons will not be touched.

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New Site Feature - Raid Composition Tool to Track Class Buffs, Debuffs and Utility - Sat, 19 Jan 2019 05:25:00 -0600
With Battle of Dazar'alor coming soon, the Wowhead team is proud to announce a new raid-themed feature: the Raid Composition tool. Drag and drop specs into the tool to see what buffs, debuffs, and utility options are available to your group!

Click here to access the raid composition tool!

On the right-hand side of the raid composition, you will find a list of provided buffs, debuffs, and benefits such as interrupts, silences, and dispels.

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Start of Season 2 is Not Patch 8.1.5 - Fri, 18 Jan 2019 22:21:49 -0600
With Season 2 around the corner, we thought it would be a good time to remind players that the start of Season 2 is not the start of Patch 8.1.5. We are still in Patch 8.1, and the new content datamined from the 8.1.5 PTR several weeks ago is not part of the Season 2 content update.

Notably, while the 8.1.5 PTR had a flurry of information surrounding Kul Tiran and Zandalari Allied Races, these are not part of the initial Season 2 update.

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WoW Classic Interview with Brian Birmingham and Omar Gonzalez for Computer Bild - Fri, 18 Jan 2019 16:45:09 -0600
German Website Computer Bild recently sat down with Brian Birmingham and Omar Gonzalez, from the Classic WoW Team and interviewed them about the state of Classic and the challenges the team is facing.

If you're fluent in German, click here to read the original article.

Our amazing German localizers have translated the complete interview, to bring its information to the English-speaking community. Below you can find this translation. Thanks to Tips for bringing this article to our attention!

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Master Your Class with Wowhead's Advanced Role Guides - Fri, 18 Jan 2019 14:07:57 -0600
Looking to improve your gameplay to get ready for Season 2 of Mythic+ and Battle of Dazar'alor? Well, look no further! We've talked with four of our Class Writers to prepare in-depth guides into advanced concepts for each of the four main roles in the game: Tanking, Healing, Ranged DPS, and Melee DPS.

Each of the guides is aimed at new players, or veteran players familiar with different roles looking to improve their gameplay in alts or offspecs.

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Battle of Dazar'alor Loot and Azerite Guide Now Live - Fri, 18 Jan 2019 05:49:53 -0600
We're pleased to announce that Wowhead's Battle of Dazar'alor Azerite and Loot Guide is now live! Learn which bosses drop Azerite armor and other gear for your spec.

Click here for the Battle of Dazar'alor Loot and Azerite Guide!

Battle of Dazar'alor is the second raid of Battle for Azeroth, opening January 22nd/23rd on Normal/Heroic difficulty. All Dazar'alor loot starts off at item level 385 on Normal difficulty and 400 on Heroic difficulty.

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Battle of Dazar'alor Raid Strategy Guides For All Bosses by FatbossTV - Now Live! - Thu, 17 Jan 2019 19:36:09 -0600
The second raid of Battle for Azeroth, Battle of Dazar'alor, opens the week of January 22nd and our detailed strategy guides to all bosses are now live, written by FatbossTV. Learn how to defeat all the bosses in Battle for Azeroth's second raid.

Battle of Dazar'alor Strategy Guides

Battle of Dazar'alor boss strategy guides cover each boss' abilities, loot, phase strategies, and role responsibilities in detail.

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Forbes Interview with Lead Game Designer Morgan Day on Mythic+ and MDI - Thu, 17 Jan 2019 19:06:24 -0600
Forbes has published an interview with lead game designer Morgan Day about the upcoming Mythic+ Season and Mythic Dungeon International.

Click here to read the full interview by Forbes.

We've summarized some important points from the interview, but make sure to read the full interview on Forbes' website. For more information on the Reaping Affix, click here!.

They haven't adjusted the Fortified and Teeming combination but a lot of that was due to Infested.

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