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WoW Interface to raffle off WoW programming books - Tue, 03 Jun 2008 20:00:00 EST
Ever wanted to make your mark in the WoW community? Want to see your handiwork featured in our Reader UI of the Week? Or maybe you've always dreamed of an frameset with a Hello Kitty theme?

Well, WoW Interface's new raffle might just give you that chance. WoW Interface is an addon download site, brought to you by the same folks that run Allakhazam, Thottbot, and Wowhead. They announced yesterday in their forums that every Sunday for the next five weeks they'll be raffling off two copies of World of Warcraft Programming: A Guide and Reference for Creating WoW Addons.

And, no, it's not some dusty old tome they are trying to unload because Mom wants them to clean up their rooms. The book was published May 5, 2008, less than a month ago. It normally lists for $39.99, so this is a great way to get started on your new addon-writing career and save some money at the same time. Or just get something for free and make some stuff.

The best part is, even though the book's authors are addon pros James Whitehead II and Bryan McLemore, this book is written in such a way that you need no programming knowledge to get started writing your own WoW addons. To enter the raffle, all you need to do is register for a WoW Interface account and make sure your real email address is on your account. They'll be pulling the winners from the list of members. For more details, see the raffle rules.

Good luck and write some good addons for us to review!

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CGS opens registration to the public - Tue, 03 Jun 2008 19:30:00 EST
The Championship Gaming Series, which is having its second-annual WoW competition this year, has just announced that they are opening registration to the public! Previously, the tournament was invitation-only from the top-rated 1000 Arena teams.

The tournament will be 3v3, played on special tournament realms, just like Blizzard's own tourney. The qualifier rounds start on this coming Monday, June 9th, and run through the 22nd, and the top two teams in the qualifiers from each region, North America and Europe, will be flown out to Los Angeles for the final competition, live on July 19th. The cash money totals to $50,000, with the winning team taking home $25,000, the second-place team $12,500, and the third- and fourth-place teams $6,250 each.

If you are interested in registering, which is free, do it by June 8th, since that's when registration closes. You have to be 18 or over and a resident of the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Belgium or United Kingdom to compete. Here are the registration links for the different regions: Europe, North America. For more on the CGS tournament see their rules and FAQ.

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WoW and the PC gaming market - Tue, 03 Jun 2008 19:00:00 EST
With over 10 million subscribers, World of Warcraft commands a pretty hefty chunk of the PC gaming market. Stopping by my local Best Buy, I asked their Geek Squad members to simply: "Show me the machines for WoW." One guy smiled, nodded, and took me to what he called "the WoW rack."

"These are the machines," he promised me, "that'll get you through the game." According to my Geek Squad advisor, there's been more than a few memos in the store about which machines to recommend for World of Warcraft. "Corporate wants to be sure," Brian told me, "that you people can get Warcraft machines right out of the box."

Best Buy isn't alone in this preparedness. AMD Game! is a branding label that, in theory, recommends the best-of-the-best, all according AMD. They prescribe a set of base, minimum requirements for a computer, and then run that box through a series of games to be sure the game plays the way it's supposed to play. If the system passes muster, then the system is allowed to stamp itself with the coveted AMD Game! label. And, yup: World of Warcraft is certainly on that list.

And since the World of Warcraft XPS sports an nVidia card -- you can be pretty tootin' sure that gets tested as well. While the XPS still costs a little more than most might pay, it's branded, toyed-out the wazoo, and all about WoW.

WoW: Im in ur PC market, designin' ur boxes.

[Via Gamers Hell]

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WTF?!: sidescroller WoW parody - Tue, 03 Jun 2008 18:00:00 EST
Warning: while this review is completely Safe For Work, the subject of the review is certainly not. You should wait until you get home before trying out the game.

We received quite a few tips about the new World of Warcraft homage game called WTF?! Currently offering a "demo" version, WTF?! is a side-scrolling comedy, featuring two main characters available for your control. You can play the scarlet-topped Blood Elf Priest named "Phallicity" or the rockin' Gnome Rogue named "Lumpen."

The premise of the game is focused on the world of...

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15 Minutes of Fame: Tamzin on being a girl gamer, movies, music - Tue, 03 Jun 2008 16:00:00 EST
15 Minutes of Fame is our look at World of Warcraft players of all shapes and sizes - from the renowned to the relatively anonymous, the remarkable to the player next door. Tip us off to players you'd like to hear more about at 15minutesoffame (at) wowinsider (dot) com.

Last week, 15 Minutes of Fame introduced Tamzin, maker of the madly popular strat videos that have helped catapult so many guilds past some of the most intimidating battles in the game: Lady Vashj, Kael'thas Sunstrider and Illidan Stormrage. Our week-long correspondence with Tamzin meandered far beyond the actual videos - so this week, we bring you Tamzin's musings on her professional work in games and movies, being a girl gamer and her thoughts on the future of raiding.

Catch the first installment of our conversation with Tamzin, and then join us after the break for the second part of our exclusive interview. Be sure to click the screenshot here to visit her most recent video, Tamzin's guide to downing Illidan.

Continue reading 15 Minutes of Fame: Tamzin on being a girl gamer, movies, music

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New Players Guide: Your first login - Tue, 03 Jun 2008 15:00:00 EST

Ok, you're done clicking sliders and choosing your race and class as part of the character creation process. You've watched the opening cinematic - you watched the cinematic, right? Did you stay through the credits to see the bonus scene? No? Good thing there wasn't one. Now you're sitting in starting area for your race, staring at the user interface (UI) for the first time and could be going, "Oh, man. What do all these buttons do?"

As far as UIs, World of Warcraft's isn't that bad actually. If you want to see a game with a horrid interface, take a gander at Second Life; that UI will scar your brain.

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A refreshing change in spells - Tue, 03 Jun 2008 14:30:00 EST
I missed the Wrath of the Lich King alpha explosion, but looking over the proposed spells and talents, I noticed an interesting proposed change. New talents and spells are available that refresh the duration of Damage-over-Time effects, such as Corruption and Shadow Word: Pain. While some of these effects are delivered by direct damage spells, the interesting and impacting change that struck me was its inclusion of channeled spells.

With the proper talents, Mind Flay would refresh Shadow Word: Pain and Drain Life would refresh Corruption. This gives more utility to channeled spells, which normally require its full duration to run for optimum effect. PvP, in particular, requires constant motion which gimps the use of channeled spells. If the proposed changes push through, this means that channeled spells can be used for a short duration in order to refresh existing debuffs. This is an incredible trend that I hope makes it into live as well as extend into other, channeled abilities.

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WoW Insider Weekly - Tue, 03 Jun 2008 14:00:00 EST
We've got a special guest for you this week on WoW Insider Weekly (our roundup of the best regular content from the past seven days). Ladies, gentlemen and Gnomes, it's our pleasure to introduce to you the former Lord of Outland, straight from directly underneath Hellfire Citadel, Magtheridon! The Pit Lord is going to talk about all of our most popular weekly features, while your faithful author is going to step out for a much-deserved drink. Later.

Guildwatch: Drama, but the good kind
"Nothing gives me more pleasure even in my weakened state then watching you verminous swine squabble amongst yourselves, and Guildwatch covers every minute of it."
Ask a Lore Nerd: You're how old?
"Older than the birth of sin, mortal. You think you know the history of the universe, lore nerd? You know nothing when faced with the existence of a Pit Lord!"
New Players' Guide: Your life as a Hunter
'Hunters, Priests, Shamans or even those vermin of the Light, Paladins, none matter -- all will fall before the wrath of Magtheridon! Learn what you will, new players -- no mortal shall face me and survive!"
The Light and How to Swing It: Holy Paladin gear enchants, part 2
"Adorn your gear with whatever pithy enchants you like, vermin. I will dress it with your blood and entrails when you dare to face me."
Hybrid Theory: Is it too much?
"My blood is my own! Also, this look at group utility is strangely fascinating -- it almost makes me wish I had some support classes other than these lousy Channelers. But no matter -- the great Magtheridon, Pit Lord of the Burning Legion, buffs himself!"

Boy, that Maggie sure is grouchy. More cantankerous whining about his blood and power, along with a look at our other most popular posts, after the break.

Continue reading WoW Insider Weekly

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WoW Insider Show Episode 40: Account sharing with Sean Connery - Tue, 03 Jun 2008 13:00:00 EST
This past weekend, Turpster, Daniel Whitcomb, John "BBB" Patricelli, and I all sat down for a good hour's worth of discussion about the biggest posts over the past week of WoW Insider. We call it the WoW Insider Show, and the latest episode, number 40, is now available over on WoW Radio and in iTunes.

  • We answered a ton of reader questions on email, including the ongoing discussion of what Turpster should do to ding 70 on his Shadow Priest, and why Blizzard has overpowered a lot of high level crafting items.
  • We talked about the news that two classes had soloed Onyxia, and whether it's impossible for other classes to do it.
  • We chatted about killing Kil'jaeden, and whether those endgame kills matter to the rest of us who aren't in those guilds.
  • And we talked about account sharing: why people do it and why Blizzard doesn't want you to (and will ban you for it).
Plus, if I'm not mistaken, you can not only hear Turpster doing a Sean Connery impression, but also John P's favorite new song, Pugging Kara Blues. It's a really fun show this week, definitely give it a listen.

And don't forget, if you have comments or questions, you can email them to us at, or go ahead and jump on WoW Radio's forums -- next week, we'll definitely be taking a look at some of the topics that have come up in there for sure. Enjoy the show this week!

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WoW Moviewatch: Doodad, The Machinima - Tue, 03 Jun 2008 12:00:00 EST

When an undead recognizes his killer, will he be able to avenge his death? Doodad, The Machinima, by ... Doodad ... poses this very question.

This machinima was entertaining, but it would be nice to know what the undead lost and why he wanted to live. For a first effort, it's not a bad movie, but the editing could be better. For example, Doodad (the machinimator, not the movie) zooms in way too far on too small of a resolution in the first place. This result is noticeable pixelation. However, with some tweaks to his work, it could be great!


If you have any suggestions for WoW Moviewatch, you can mail them to us at machinima AT wowinsider DOT com.

Previously on Moviewatch ...

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Ask WoW Insider: Any point to starting to raid before Wrath? - Tue, 03 Jun 2008 11:00:00 EST

Welcome to today's edition of Ask WoW Insider, in which we publish your questions for dissection by the peanut gallery -- now with extra snark and commentary by one of our writers. This week Kedou writes in:


I'm wondering what people think about starting to raid (as in, starting Kara) now, with WotLK on the horizon. Is there any point?


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SK Gaming interview: Kil'jaeden, Sunwell, and why to stack +haste - Tue, 03 Jun 2008 10:30:00 EST

Recently WoW Insider caught up with Neg, a restoration-specced Orc Shaman who raided with Nihilum before leaving recently for SK Gaming. An experienced player who has seen all of Blizzard's raid content, from Molten Core through Sunwell Plateau, Neg's talked to us previously about high-end raiding and what Sunwell was like on the PTR. As he's become one of a small group of raiders worldwide to finish the whole zone, we've asked him some follow-up questions about guild stability during the transition to Wrath, what Sunwell was like going live, why there are so many Shaman nowadays in high-end raiding, and the best and worst raid content on offer in WoW.

If you didn't catch our first interview with Neg, you can find that here, but read on for an inside look at the toughest raiding you'll find in the game:

Continue reading SK Gaming interview: Kil'jaeden, Sunwell, and why to stack +haste

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Around Azeroth: Big trouble with little gnome - Tue, 03 Jun 2008 10:00:00 EST

Yesterday's post referenced a place known as the Upside Down Sinners room, widely considered to be the creepiest place in Azeroth. Many commenters wanted to know where this room was, how to get there, and what was going on with all the floating corpses. Surprisingly, we've never mentioned this room before on WoW Insider, so Blasterina of Zangarmarsh was kind enough to send us a picture.

So, basically, Upside Down Sinners is part of an underground crypt located near the entrance to Karazhan. The crypt is gated off from public view and has not been accessible since Patch 2.0. However, a video can be found here, which really gives you the full effect. Pre-BC, it was one of the main stops for adventurous explorers/exploiters like myself, along with the Caverns of Time and Mount Hyjal. To get there, you had to pull mobs to you so you died next to the gate and rezzed on the other side. The only way out was summoning or hearthing. There are no mobs, just a series of creatively named chambers, many with corpses, tombs, or pools of water. Upside Down Sinners is just what it looks like -- a room filled with water and upside-down dead people, chained underneath the surface. The corpses have pretty detailed faces and wounds. The whole area is kind of hazy, which explains the poor picture quality. The title "Upside Down Sinners" is also a reference to the movie Big Trouble In Little China, as is the Six Demon Bag.

Thanks, Blasterina, and I hope everyone learned a little something today! *cue "The More You Know' music*

Do you have any unusual World of Warcraft images that are just collecting dust in your screenshots folder? We'd love to see it on Around Azeroth! Sharing your screenshot is as simple as e-mailing with a copy of your shot and a brief explanation of the scene. You could be featured here next!

Remember to include your player name, server and/or guild if you want it mentioned. We prefer full screen shots without the UI showing -- use alt-Z to remove it. And please, no sunsets or WotLK pictures that tantalize us with their beautiful forbiddeness. Forbiddenness? Forboding? There is no word!

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Caption This! - Tue, 03 Jun 2008 09:30:00 EST

Brains ... brains ... BRAINS! What's that noise? Why, it's our Caption This! contest, rising from the dead after half a year in the ground! For you new readers, or readers with poor memories, Caption This! works like this:

I post a picture during Tuesday maintenance. You write a humorous caption for this picture by Friday, June 6 at 11:59 PM EST. It could be a funny description of the situation or a quote that you imagine the characters in the screenshot saying. Examples of previous winners can be found here, here and here. Leave your captions in a comment on this post, and keep it clean. During the weekend, our team picks the top ten or so finalists. On Monday, we put the top ten up for a public vote in a new post. Voting closes Tuesday, June 10 at 11:59 pm EST. After the voting, we notify the winners. If they respond to our e-mail and confirm that they're eligible to win, we mail out their prizes and write a "winner" post on Friday.

And what are these prizes, you ask? Well, first place winner gets a 60-day game card, worth approximately $30. Second place gets a choice of a Gnomeregan Bombardiers or a Hellscream Warchiefs t-shirt from J!NX, worth about $20. However, to win you have to be eligible -- and to be eligible, you have to be a U.S. or non-Quebec Canadian resident at least 13 years of age. Apologies to EU and Oceanic readers, but legal restrictions make it near-impossible to include everyone. The official rules for the contest can be found here.

You've got three and a half days to write a caption for this picture, from the official WoW screenshot of the day archives. Go for it!

Gallery: Caption This!

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BigRedKitty: Morogrim Tidewalker Hunter-guide movie - Tue, 03 Jun 2008 09:00:00 EST

Daniel Howell contributes BigRedKitty, a column with strategies, tips and tricks for and about the Hunter class, sprinkled with a healthy dose of completely improper, sometimes libelous, personal commentary.

Morogrim Tidewalker is, let's face it, a silly fight. Of the final four bosses in Serpentshrine Cavern, he's the only one who drops no tier-gear, has only one piece of hunter loot, and warrior-tanks are basically regarded as little more than superfluous. But he drops one of the better mage-trinkets in the game, so your guild squishies are going to be screaming to take him out. Whatever, here's our movie of how a hunter does what a hunter does best against this guy, Massive Quantities of Sustained, Ranged DPS.

You are most welcome to download this movie (84.5 MB) by right-clicking here.

Another great big Thank You to the WoW Insider editors for allowing us to publish this movie both here and on our little blog at the same time!
From his video guides to Karazhan For Hunter Dummies, nobody covers raid Hunters like BRK. Looking for more Hunter goodness? Check out our non-raid Hunter column, Scattered Shots or the WoW Insider Directory of Hunter Guides.

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Bornakk: Next Blizzcast to include talk on the status of badge loot in WoTLK - Tue, 03 Jun 2008 08:30:00 EST
One of the biggest and most successful features of Burning Crusade has been the inclusion of Badges of Justice. Especially in 2.4, these badges have allowed even relatively casual players to get their hands on gear that comes close to the same stuff raiders are able to pull out of end game instances. While the system seems to have been mostly a success, there's still some question as to how it will evolve in WoTLK. The current 2.4 badge loot seems to have been created in part to allow a smoother gear transition between BC and WoTLK for both casuals and ubers, with badges dropping out of 10-man instances and the most powerful badge gear yet. But the question is, will this continue in WoTLK? Will we see badges off of Naxxramas' 10-man version (perhaps earning it the name Badgeramas)? Will we see loot purchasable from a Dalaran vendor that will be comparable to what raiders are pulling out of Icecrown Glacier? Or will they dial it back, or maybe not even include the badge loot system at all?

Continue reading Bornakk: Next Blizzcast to include talk on the status of badge loot in WoTLK

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Breakfast Topic: A waste of money - Tue, 03 Jun 2008 08:00:00 EST
Aysel is a little ashamed about spending 1000g on a title, though she shouldn't be -- "of the Shattered Sun" is as honorable a title as any other, and if you've got the money to get it, more power to you (though her suggestion that her guildies call her AOTSS is pretty funny).

But I like her other question better: what's the dumbest thing you've ever spent a bunch of ingame gold on? My waste of money is probably more of a mistake than an actual embarrassment -- I remember spending a good 100g to outfit my level 40 Mage in the shiniest stuff I could find on the AH, including a couple of world drops and the whole shabang. I had in mind that I was going to take her all the way to 70 -- and then I think I never played her again. What a waste.

I'm sure you all have better stories, though -- ever accidentally dropped a lot of cash on something you couldn't actually use, or splurge on an item that was a little silly, just so you could have it? What's the most money you've ever wasted on anything in the game, and what did you buy?

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Tuesday maintenance notice and roundup for June 3rd, 2008 - Tue, 03 Jun 2008 07:30:00 EST

Good Morning, everyone. It's 4:30 PDT on a Tuesday morning, and you know by now that that means maintenance. For now, most of us will be sitting pretty, with only an hour and a half or so of downtime from 5am to 6:30am PDT. 72 servers, however, will be getting the full treatment, and won't be up until at least 11am PDT. You can see a list of those servers in our original announcement post here.

Since we're coming up on at least an hour of no WoW, if not more for 72 servers and for those stuck at a job or schooling that doesn't allow sneaking in some game time, I would like to, as customary, suggest that you read about WoW, here on WoW Insider. I have a list of some of our best content from the past week organized for your viewing pleasure coming right up after the break.

Continue reading Tuesday maintenance notice and roundup for June 3rd, 2008

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Hello Warcraft Kitty: An Obsession Story - Mon, 02 Jun 2008 20:00:00 EST

The Hello Kitty Online Closed Beta is now over. No, really. While I'm not sure Hello Kitty Online is shaping up to be the great WoW-killer (but what do I know?), there are certainly more than a few folks eagerly waiting to get their kitty on in the upcoming Open Beta. The good news is that Sanrio is definitely keeping their community involved in the process.

So what is the appeal of Hello Kitty Online? It seems a little odd that the game's come up several times. Perhaps you recall Insider's own HKO obsession (short lived, but much discussed). Even before that, when we were told to "Make Love, Not Warcraft," the online island adventure was a welcome reprieve from boar-killing.

But since then, the Warcraft community has maintained its obsession with Hello Kitty. As Thomas Crampton has pointed out, there were more than a few Warcraft-themed submissions to the HKO Closed Beta -- maybe more than the developers were actually expecting. High "Huglord" Amused of Limbo (Gorefiend-PvP) gets my vote for best video application to Hello Kitty Online closed beta. Apparantly, he and Spiderman go way back. And we can't forget the Hello Kitty Island Adventure UI mod.

So, what gives? Why do we of the War and Craft keep coming back around to Hello Kitty, and her cute-sauce adventures?

Continue reading Hello Warcraft Kitty: An Obsession Story

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Gamers on the Street: Break time (summer break, that is) - Mon, 02 Jun 2008 19:00:00 EST

Gamers on the Street logs onto U.S. servers to get the word from the front on what's going on in and around the World of Warcraft.

Summertime means big changes for many guilds. The kids are home, so players who are parents can get pulled into more family activities. As for the kids, many are looking for new things to get into while they have a little more free time. Gamers on the Street decided to duck onto the Cairne realm to see what high school- and college-aged players were planning for their short months of freedom. Alliance players seemed friendly enough but didn't have much to say about their summer plans. We did visit with several Cairne Hordies, however, who shared what's ahead for their summer and fall WoW time.

Continue reading Gamers on the Street: Break time (summer break, that is)

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