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User Guide Spotlight: Strand of the Ancients by Eidyia - Sat, 26 May 2018 00:15:52 -0500
Welcome to the tenth edition of the guide feature! There are over 1500 user-submitted guides on Wowhead to date, but have you considered writing one of your own? There are so many ways to convey the information for a guide to the greater population of Wowhead, though readers will agree that they appreciate a clear and comprehensive guide!

In this feature, selected impressive guides that may be less popular are being brought to your attention in a quick newsflash.

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Alliance War Campaign Part 3: Chasing Darkness (Spoilers) - Fri, 25 May 2018 19:18:24 -0500
The Alliance War Campaign continues on the Battle for Azeroth Beta once you reach certain levels of reputation with the 7th Legion faction. Today we're previewing Chasing Darkness step, the third part of the Alliance War Campaign.

Part 3 continues the storyline that was set up during Part 2: Blood on the Sand. If you haven't seen our coverage of the story so far, check out the War Campaign parts:

Part 1: Establishing Footholds

Part 2: Blood on the Sand

Part 3: Chasing Darkness

Part 4:

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Battle for Azeroth 26707 Broadcast Text - Dark Iron Dwarf Scenario, Ragnaros, Jaina - Fri, 25 May 2018 16:13:42 -0500
Battle for Azeroth 26707 broadcast text includes more information on the Dark Iron Dwarf Scenario, dialogue related to Ragnaros, more details on Jaina, and even a datamining joke. Spoilers ahead.


Blizzard has added a secret message for dataminers going through the broadcast text!

This is--a test of--our new hyphen--breaking technology which--we are getting--to help sentences--read better. If you--are datamining this--then I am--sorry, but--you are sure--to be disappointed.

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Game Critic TotalBiscuit Passes Away at Age 33 - Fri, 25 May 2018 13:40:21 -0500
Last night, in the middle of the madness of a new Beta build, the gaming community has received word that the game critic and streamer, John 'TotalBiscuit' Bain, has passed away at age 33, after a long hard fight against cancer.

While his most recent work didn't target World of Warcraft, TotalBiscuit's career was always tied closely to the game and Blizzard. He was first known for the Blue Plz!

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Boralus Updates in Build 26707 - Sanctum of the Sages, Cake Shop, Mariner's Row - Fri, 25 May 2018 10:03:27 -0500
Visual updates to the capital city of Boralus continue in build 26707. In this build we got the Sanctum of the Sages as a fully operational building, more flight paths spread around Boralus, and Mariner's Row received more NPCs and updates!

The Sanctum of the Sages is the Alliance Portal area, with portals to Stormwind, Ironforge and Exodar.

Boralus has received two extra flight paths: One in front of Proudmoore Keep, and the second in Mariner's Row, near the capital's exit to the south.

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Battle for Azeroth Build 26707 - Class Hall and PvP Artifact Appearance Criteria Updates - Fri, 25 May 2018 03:39:12 -0500
Battle for Azeroth Build 26707 has updated the criteria for the acquisition of the Class Hall Campaign and the PvP Artifact Appearances. The PvP updates aim to get the criteria in line with the changes to the Prestige System, as you should be able to unlock those tints in Battle for Azeroth.

PvP Appearance

Interested in PvP in Battle for Azeroth? Then check out our PvP Overview, War Mode Overview, and PvP Talents in Battle for Azeroth guides!

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Fury Warrior Battle for Azeroth Feedback for May 24th - Thu, 24 May 2018 21:39:01 -0500
The Battle for Azeroth beta build earlier today caught Fury Warriors in the midst of changes. Blizzard has posted a detailed reply on their complete vision for Fury in BFA.

You can check out the partial changes added today in the Battle for Azeroth Build 26707 post.

Last BFA Build BFA 26707

Back in February, we've highlighted the community concerns about Warriors in our State of the Class series.

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Battle for Azeroth 26707 New Models - Alpaca, Fire Elementals, Jaina Necklace - Thu, 24 May 2018 20:26:37 -0500
New models from Battle for Azeroth 26707 include an adorable alpaca. Edit: now updated with more models including Fire Elementals, Jaina wearing a Kul Tiras necklace, and more Alpaca tints!

Alpaca animations should now work properly in the model viewer, please clear cache if you do not see it!

More 26707 Coverage:

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Battle for Azeroth Build 26707 - New Toys, Pets, Food, Glazer Weapon - Thu, 24 May 2018 20:16:37 -0500
Wowhead's Battle for Azeroth database is now updated for build 26707! There are many new toys, pets, food, and a Glazer Honey weapon.

Click here for all the items added in the build!

New Toys

Island Expeditions

Oomgut Ritual Drum: Take on the guise of an Oomgut pygmy. (2 Hrs Cooldown)

Arathi Highlands

Molok Morion: Wear a stone Molok head. (30 Min Cooldown)

Kovork Kostume: Grants the appearance of (a small) Kovork. (10 Min Cooldown)

Witherbark Gong: Places a forest troll gong.

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Battle Pet Currency Changes in Battle for Azeroth - Polished Pet Charm - Thu, 24 May 2018 19:46:03 -0500
Blizzard has explained changes happening to battle pet currency in Battle for Azeroth. New Polished Pet Charms will be used to purchase stones and other useful pet items.

The existing Legion pet charms, Shiny Pet Charm, can be used to buy existing unique things like vendor pets and toys in Battle for Azeroth. They can't be used for buying Battle-Training Stones, other pet consumables, or the Pocket Pet Portal.

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Battle for Azeroth Build 26707 - New Azerite Traits Interface - Thu, 24 May 2018 18:59:10 -0500
While Azerite Powers have been tested for a while now, they were still using a temporary UI. Build 26707 has finally added a customized interface for the system, which looks similar to the one shown at BlizzCon 2017. If you want to know more about Azerites Powers and the Heart of Azeroth, check out our Azerite Guide!

Depending on the level of content you are doing, some pieces of gear have 3 rings and some have 4 rings.

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New Arathi Highlands Warfront and Island Expedition Mounts in Battle for Azeroth Build 26707 - Thu, 24 May 2018 18:34:32 -0500
Battle for Azeroth build 26707 added more mounts that drop from NPCs in the Arathi Highlands as part of Warfronts content! The Jade Serpent mount from Island Expeditions from last build has been replaced with Qinsho's Eternal Hound.

New Arathi Highlands Mounts

NEW Swift Albino Raptor
The Witherbark warrior Beastrider Kama once cut bloody swathes of terror across the Arathi Highlands astride such a monster.
Drop: Beastrider Kama

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Battle for Azeroth New Warlock Spell Animations: Hand of Gul'dan, Implosion, Bilescourge Bombers - Thu, 24 May 2018 18:13:18 -0500
With the latest Battle for Azeroth Beta Build hitting the test servers, we were able to see that a couple of spell animations were added along with it.

The animations added were for the Warlock spells Implosion, Bilescourge Bombers, and Summon Infernal. Below you can check the preview of these animations.

Hand of Gul'dan/Implosion

The meteor evoked by the spell is now much more chaotic. Even the Wild Imps it spawns, have new spiffy animations!

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Mag'har Orc and Dark Iron Dwarf Allied Race Unlock Requirements - Thu, 24 May 2018 17:52:21 -0500
In this latest build, the Mag'har Orc and Dark Iron Dwarf Allied Race unlock requirements have been revealed!

To unlock these Allied Races, players must attain Exalted reputation with your War Campaign's faction 7th Legion and The Honorbound and complete the War Campaign!

Unlocking Dark Iron Dwarf

Check our our Dark Iron Dwarf Guide

To unlock Dark Iron Dwarves, players must achieve Exalted with the 7th Legion and complete the Alliance War Campaign to earn the achievement Ready for War.

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New Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder Requirement - War Campaign - Thu, 24 May 2018 17:40:23 -0500
The latest Battle for Azeroth beta build has added a requirement to Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder. In addition to exploring your continent, completing your faction's quests, and earning Revered with your faction's reputations, you must also now complete the War Campaign. This quest series will take you to the enemy's continent and is also required to unlock the Mag'har Orcs and Dark Iron Dwarf Allied Races.

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Battle for Azeroth 26707 New and Updated Achievements - Mythic+ Seasons and BFA Realm First - Thu, 24 May 2018 16:46:10 -0500
Our Battle for Azeroth Build 26707 coverage continues with new and updated achievements.

Highlights include Mythic+ Seasons, Battle for Azeroth Realm First Mythic +15, a Laser Pointer pet reward, a Bumblebee pet reward and more!

NEW   Complete the following Battle for Azeroth dungeons using a Mythic Keystone:

NEW   Complete all Battle for Azeroth Mythic dungeons at Level 10 or higher within the time limit, before the end of the first Mythic Keystone season.

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Battle for Azeroth 26707 Class Changes and Azerite Traits - Thu, 24 May 2018 16:40:34 -0500
We're continuing our Build 26707 coverage with Class Changes and Azerite Trait updates. Large changes to Balance Druid, Protection Paladin, and Fury Warriors.

Edit: Talent calc now updated.

Talent Calculator
Includes Balance, Prot, and Fury changes

Balance Druids:

Celestial Alignment increases damage of all spells by 20% and grants 15% Haste for 20 seconds.

New Passive: Eclipse - Solar Wrath and Lunar Strike have a chance to grant the opposing empowerment.

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Battle for Azeroth Build 26707 Highlights - Loading Screens, Icons, Maps - Thu, 24 May 2018 16:34:38 -0500
It's time for the weekly Battle for Azeroth beta build!

There are new loading screens for Kul Tiras, Zandalar, Tiragarde, and Island Expeditions.

Lots of horse icons in this build!

The city of Zuldazar now has maps! There is also a map for Gorgrond Scenario, used for the Mag'har Orc recruitment scenario.

Blackrock Depths
NEW Firelands
NEW Stage 1: The Bridgekeeper
Approach the bridgekeeper.

NEW Stage 2: Cult of Ragnaros
Deal with the cultists and their fiery allies.

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Wowhead Weekly #162 Now Live on Twitch - Naz'jatar Blood Serpent, Jaina Comic, Pathfinder Clarifications - Thu, 24 May 2018 15:21:21 -0500
Wowhead Weekly #162 is now live on Twitch! Annie and Perc are discussing the latest Battle for Azeroth updates including Pathfinder clarifications and the Naz'jatar Blood Serpent mount. Beta servers are down at the time of filming this show, so there may be some surprise beta updates and excitement.

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Horde War Campaign Part 5: At the Bottom of the Sea (Spoilers) - Thu, 24 May 2018 10:20:06 -0500
The Horde War Campaign continues on the Battle for Azeroth Beta once you reach certain levels of reputation with the Honorbound faction. Today we're previewing the At the Bottom of the Sea step, the fifth part of the Horde War Campaign.

Part 5 continues the storyline that was set up during previous steps of the war campaign. If you haven't seen our coverage of the story so far, check out the previous War Campaign parts:

Part 1: Establishing Footholds

Part 2: The First Assault

Part 3:

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Protection Paladin Battle for Azeroth Feedback for May 23 - New Level 15 Talent - Wed, 23 May 2018 23:58:03 -0500
Blizzard has responded to feedback on Protection Paladins in Battle for Azeroth on May 23rd. An upcoming beta build will have a new level 15 talent and some changes focused on improving issues with the core rotation and active mitigation.

Earlier today we learned about upcoming Discipline changes and a few days ago we received Balance Druid feedback.

Here is the talent setup between Live and current BFA build:

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Discipline Priest Battle for Azeroth Feedback for May 23 - Sins of the Many Talent - Wed, 23 May 2018 23:35:09 -0500
Blizzard has responded to feedback on Discipline Priests in Battle for Azeroth on May 23rd. An upcoming beta build will have a new talent, Sins of the Many.

Talent Changes:

Sins of the Many will be a new level 75 Talent - Your damage is increased by up to X%, diminishing for each ally with Atonement. This is likely inspired by the Artifact Trait of the same name.

This talent will likely push Grace out of the Discipline Talent Tree.

Lenience will be moved up to a level 100 Talent.

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Vectis, Uldir Raid Boss Preview with FatbossTV - Wed, 23 May 2018 21:48:10 -0500
Uldir, Battle for Azeroth's first raid, recently opened for testing on the beta. In preparation for the upcoming raid, FatbossTV created early previews of all the bosses. Closer to the launch of BFA, Fatboss will be creating in-depth video guides, as well as written raid strategy guides published on Wowhead.

In today's Uldir preview, Fatboss is highlighting Vectis -- the fifth boss of Uldir. Players fight Vectis in the Plague Vault.

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This Week in WoW History: Overwatch Release, Ezra Chatterton, Tomb of Sargeras Preview - Wed, 23 May 2018 16:15:00 -0500
Hey everyone, and welcome to another bit of WoW History! Every week, we look down at important events that happened in WoW (or Blizzard!) for that week.

Tomb of Sargeras and Trial of Style receive previews, Overwatch is finally released, Ezra Chatterton visits Blizzard and leaves his mark on WoW, and much more happened this week!

Shall we begin, then?


May 26, 2017
Blizzard released their very own preview of the Tomb of Sargeras!

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